Move on. Leave it all behind. Even if u don’t want to. I know it hurts. It has held u tight. Won’t get off.

Push it. Use ur strength. All of it. Push it away. Separate it from u. Turn away. Start walking.

Look back. Take a last look. Remember what it was like. The good parts first. The bad parts then. Appreciate the former ones. Thank for the amazing moments. Remember that feeling. It will keep ur heart warm. Will stop u from hating. Feel sorry for the latter ones. Learn from them. Promise that wont happen again. Don’t forget them. They’ll keep u strong. Remind u why u had to let go in the first place.

Close ur eyes. Turn again. Open them. There’s a whole new path waiting for u. The one that u didn’t even know existing. Jump again. Feel the flutter. Its a new opportunity. Open ur arms. Welcome it.

Give life another chance. Let it try to make u happy again. Charge up. Love again. Fall again. Be wiser. Live again.