You gave your heart to someone, it was magical, the stars signaled for it, the universe conspired it, your partner was perfect, everything just fit. But then they started to fall apart. The stars took a different direction, the universe bumped into other signals, your lover turned their back to you and everything you clung on suddenly collapsed.
I am not going to tell you that it’s okay. It’s not. It hurts, it pains, it fills you with regrets. You will go through the conversations again. Try to find faults and fix them. Fill up your mind with what-ifs. For all the stupid fights you had, for all the wrong words that were said, for everytime you took a lie too far and for every little act wasn’t supposed to be done. You will punish yourself for everything, cry your eyes out and this is okay. It is okay feel sad, to feel the need to go back to the familiar past because only then you will emerge out stronger. UNDERSTAND ONE THING. It was not mean to be.

You don’t need the universe to give you signs to follow something. Nor do you have to wait for the things to fit perfectly. Don’t let the TV characters tell you how love should feel like. Don’t let a story tell you where and how you should find love. You find love when you feel it. That is the perfect moment. You tell them. You invest in them. You make mistakes, have misunderstandings, be angry, fight, and then YOU COME BACK. You will forgive them no matter what. You will stick to them and they will stick to you. Because now, between you, nothing will be greater than the love you have. And that is the relationship you deserve to get. Because soulmates aren’t just two pieces of one soul, they are two pieces of constantly working souls, working together, striving together, for each other.