We have seen atleast one Extrovertist Introvert in all phases and spaces of our lives. He is the person who dances crazily all night in the bar but goes home to binge watch his favorite videos alone. She is the person who shops latest trends with her friends all day but takes a different route home to spend her evening in the park alone. He is the person who is popular for his sense of humor but is always seen hanging out alone. She is the kind of the person who sets higher benchmarks at work but tries all weekend to ace that new photography skill alone.

They are the individuals whom everybody think they know, who speak up their minds, who are famous for their skills and talents and are not afraid to show them. They are also the people whom nobody knows, who follow their hearts quietly, who are everyday fighting their flaws all the while hiding themselves from others.

You have seen these people, fancied them, met them, befriended them and maybe even dated them. Some of them amazed you, some swayed you away with their awe and charm and some disappointed you. With some you fell in love seeing the extra in their ordinary and some seemed to be a let down when their extra displayed an ordinary.

They are the artists who manage to paint their faces with the brightest of smiles each morning even though they had cried their eyes out last night. They are the soldiers who are constantly battling inside each second but seem like they have everything under control on the outside. They are the accountants who have to keep a track of their weak moments so that it doesn’t show. They are the lovers who have been admired just for their shine because if they stop, they lose their worth.

Some of us are such persons, trying to keep our heads above the water, looking for our parts of the world, painting our beautiful stories and smiling at our secret selves.

They are the people who are available for everyone, who seem so strong on the outside that they are forgotten to be cared for. They are the jokers who make you laugh so hard that you fail to perceive their sadness inside their eyes. They are the extremists who surprise you by their open-minded understanding. They are the accepting hugs who don’t see your scars but only your spirit which has the power to overcome them all.

They are your best friends, they notice when you try and reassure when you fail. They are your leaders, who strive till the end up motivating you to not give up. They are your healers, who make you realize that life isn’t that hard and you have the power to live it the way you want. They are your teachers, who see your outstanding potential and nurture you to put it to your best use.

They are the folks who have lived life on both sides of the coin. They have debated with the so-called rules of life and applied their own versions of them. They have been the followers of the crowd and have had many others following them. These wonderful humans have seen universe conspiring ruthlessly and welcomed the magic it brings with it. They are the unstoppable fighters who keep the Earth spinning on its feet even when it becomes too heavy to just stand.

These are the giant blissful extroverts who can fit the chaotic world into themselves and these are also the wonderful minute introverts whom this chaotic world fails to fit in itself.