Constantly changing,

Constantly losing and constantly gaining,

Constantly moving,

Constantly retracing and constantly pacing,

Constantly dreaming,

Constantly sleeping and constantly awakening,

Constantly loving,

Constantly hurting and constantly laughing,

Constantly learning,

Constantly falling and constantly growing,

Constantly working,

Constantly tiring and constantly pumping,

Constantly circling,

Constantly dying and constantly living.

It confuses me sometimes,

How we learnt to live this way,

Unsure, unwilling, unhappy yet brave,

Wishing for a longer night,

Hoping for a better day,

Unabashed for who we are,

Unaware of who we may,

Seconds seeming longer to hold,

Years passing by without a trace,

Running without direction around a maze,

Yearning for opportunities to wait,

If only life could pause a moment,

Everything would perhaps fall into place.