Tell me about it!

Tell me about it,

The pit you have in your stomach when you read your old journals,

The chest pain you wake up with when those long days pop up as nightmares,

The anger that tightens your fist when Karma fails you again,

Tell me all about it, I’m here to hear.


Tell me about it,

The voice that lives in your ears repeating that crippling tone of disappointment,

The scream suppressed beyond your lips about the flame that numbs your beginnings and ends,

The tears you compress within your eyes when that one moment attacks your act of being fine,

Sit with me and talk it aloud, I’ll stay until it fades away the test of time.


I know you are strong, you didn’t need a pillar to hold you,

You made honest choices, you didn’t expect things to flip beyond you,

I believe in your pursuit, you don’t need anyone to guide,

You know how to bridge your gaps, you just need me to hold the reins beside,

I’m here to see you triumph, an eventuality that we both have been waiting for,

So pour your heart and take me through it,

I’m ready to see the miracles that you make happen across.


You won’t have to walk up to me, I won’t put you in that fatigue,

You don’t have to linger about me, just ease yourself and we both will breath,

Eat out that pit with me, we’ll make your heart pound that pain away,

Punch away your anger, speak out the voice exactly as it conveys,

Give me your loudest scream, shower your tears on my palm,

Next time I ask you how you are, you tell me exactly how you are.


So tell me about it,

I’ll listen to that every sound,

It will be guiding torch as I thrive to pull you out.

You be the superhero, I’ll be your sidekick,

Together fill the silence, so you Tell me about it.






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A gift neglected.

She was sent from the heavens,
As a blessing to the world,
She was the tiny hope,
Which could grant life to their words.

She could quench their plans,
Take care of their sorrows,
She could nurture their dreams,
Carry them to a beautiful tomorrow.

She flew down from the sky,
Not caring for her dazzling coat,
Hearing their deepest prayers,
She couldn’t delay her aboard,

She reached with a twinkling hope,
Ready to give them all they had asked for,

Alas, she lay unwelcomed,
As they were busy cursing their Creator.

She died dancing around flashing her jewels,
Desperate to once catch their glimpse,
But the proud humans couldn’t see their gift,
A shiny little Droplet, she paid the price of their greed.

Another Fairytale

I was reading my favorite poem,
You were riding your favorite horse,
Fate had decided for us to meet,
Only it wasn’t the correct hour.

I was twirling in my dress,
You held your hand out,
The stage was set for us to dance,
Only it wasn’t our song.

I had taught the animals to speak,
You were their sincere listener,
Nature arranged our conversation,
Only the words hadn’t heeded our call.

I was the Princess to guide you to the stars,
You were the Prince that fought through the wars,
Our Fairytale was perfect,
Only the Book left out our part.

A moment of breath

Constantly changing,

Constantly losing and constantly gaining,

Constantly moving,

Constantly retracing and constantly pacing,

Constantly dreaming,

Constantly sleeping and constantly awakening,

Constantly loving,

Constantly hurting and constantly laughing,

Constantly learning,

Constantly falling and constantly growing,

Constantly working,

Constantly tiring and constantly pumping,

Constantly circling,

Constantly dying and constantly living.

It confuses me sometimes,

How we learnt to live this way,

Unsure, unwilling, unhappy yet brave,

Wishing for a longer night,

Hoping for a better day,

Unabashed for who we are,

Unaware of who we may,

Seconds seeming longer to hold,

Years passing by without a trace,

Running without direction around a maze,

Yearning for opportunities to wait,

If only life could pause a moment,

Everything would perhaps fall into place.

Search for my brother.

Birthed in the same cave,
We spent our first and last moments together,
Unknown of each other.

Captured by the same butcher,
Cut off and separated apart,
Unaware of the presence of each other.

Cast by the same hands,
Molded into similar shapes,
Smelling breaths of each other.

Staying close to one another.

Broken and twirled,
Fixed and swirled,
We look like each other.

Running on the same paths,
Desperate, lonely, tireless and adamant,
Constantly searching for each other,
My brother, My pal.

Pink Pink everywhere!

Pink Pink Everywhere,

Not a bit of flesh to spare!

Pink pink everywhere,

Not a tiny soul to care!
Flowers on the front garden,

A lake at the back,

A perch for birds at the top,

A cage for the girl in that.

He caressed the plantation around,

Filled in music in the air.

Granted love in and about,

Crushed the one that longed in there.

She lived her life in dismay and despair,

He was different in her eyes and ear,

Something else she heard and thought,

Something else she saw and felt.

Her fear was pointless, they said.

Her words proved to be meaningless.

But she knew in her heart,

His mask hid an ugly head.

The world only saw what he showed,

They believed what he told,

None made an effort to look,

Inside the house beautiful and bold.

Pink pink everywhere they saw,

Pink pink he bestowed.

The pink was not cultivated anywhere,

It was her he cut through.

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