Every human is guarded by his boundaries, outlined by his verges and obstructed by his limitations. Some know their own, some act upon and improve and some preserve. Whatever way, these Rims around the person grants him a periphery bubble, with its own colours that grants them their respective view of the outside.

An inexpressive child uses his bubble to protect his innocence, a full grown resides in the same with full comfort and the weak are trapped within. This blob may be made of sparkles of love, fogs of greed, clouded by discomfort and sprayed by motivation. It moves alongwith the entity it holds and reflects its thoughts.

We all have heard about the story of the dog who tries to find his way to a bone in the neighbouring yard and on finding the same follows the path everyday to reach his food. This achievement overcame his desire to find shorter or alternate routes to his destination thus showing how success can kill your thirst for creativity.

In the Mahabharata, Yudhisthir defines fear as the power to be alert. It makes a warrior fully aware of his rival and provides time and space to prepare for it.

The Gospel of Luke has shown how the ability to look beyond human creed can provide comfort. It awakens you to your higher duties and clears the vision for the soul to see better.

The Ramayana shows how enormous success can blind your emotions. Your acceleration for your desires can deprive you of the taste of true nectar.

The history is full of examples of how virtues sometimes blind your vision for the evil and how vices often give rise to goodness.

Each one of us know a person who is made of steel but then this strength makes them hard too. Each of us have a friend who sets a bar for us but is also our greatest comfort. Each of us have a companion whom we disapprove of but is a reflection of our behaviour. Each of us are thankful for the people we love and despise of the ones we dislike. Our perceptions block our vision to look at the truth. This bottleneck at times become a blessing by keeping the tenderness alive by not exposing the harsh realities to the fragile, but at times, handicap us to realize the softness within.

The walls we create around our minds also have some windows making room for expansions, abundant improvements, high rate of errors, inflating the balloon. We just have to make sure it doesn’t ruptures out our soul, our survival and our matter. The Rim around us define us, the definition is created by us.